We understand the millions of men and women who are looking for less harmful, yet satisfying, alternatives to smoking. We will give them that choice. All of us at Vapeshot believe that the DISC will one day replace cigarettes.


Our Promise

Thanks to the imagination and perseverance of the engineering genius at Vapeshot, we promise to continue to develop breakthrough products that are smoke-free, enjoyable and great tasting.


Step-Down Challenge

Quitting isn’t easy. Luckily we’ve developed a program to help you stop vaping by incrementally decreasing your nicotine % intake.


Our Responsibility

We’re designing a smoke-free future with products that are a better alternative to cigarette smoking. Not only that, we’re doing it with a commitment to limiting exposure to minors, former smokers and new smokers.



Age Appropriate

  • DISC is a nicotine product intended for adults of legal purchase age.
  • We support and comply with all federal and state regulations to prevent sales to minors, including age verification for online sales.
  • We do not feature images or situations intended for a youth audience, such use cartoons, caricatures or other designs aimed at attracting minors.

Social Conscious

  • We only post social media content targeting adult smokers, and always demonstrate the product in a mature context.
  • We do not share social media content that promotes excess use or inappropriate use of our product, including content featuring underage users.
  • We always include nicotine warning messaging with all social media posts.

Committed To Change

  • DISC is a switching product. DISC products have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • DISC is not intended for former smokers or new smokers.
  • Product sampling complies with all federal and state regulations.


Those who Vape should have access to academic research and opinions. Below are some links that offer a variety of perspectives on the technology and the industry: